Why is C++ such a good choice for writing games?

The C++ language is used for many types of projects requiring speed, scale, and responsiveness. It’s also a great choice for video games. Why? The C++ language is more towards the low level of language abstraction but not all the way. And it’s because of this that a lot of people think that C++ is not used much anymore. That it’s been put aside in favor of higher level languages.

What about languages like Python or Javascript? Or Java or C#? They all have their use. It’s not like one language is better than another. That would be like asking which is better, a hammer or a tape measure?

So which language should you use? It really depends on the type of game that you’re building. But there’s a big advantage that C++ has over other newer languages that attempt to be easier to write. It all has to do with timing and how C++ allows you to write code that’s more deterministic than other languages due to the lack of garbage collection in C++. Listen to the full episode for more details.


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