Learn How To Write Code - And Enjoy It!

Would you like to learn how to write code? It’s not as hard as you might think.

  • Coding lets you create your own games and applications.
  • Coding can be worth a high salary if you’re looking for a job instead.

Wahid Tanner

Wahid Tanner

Even more important than the apps and salary – it’s fun too!

I’ve been doing this for almost 30 years and you know what? It doesn’t really seem like work to me. Or to other software development engineers that I’ve worked with.

It doesn’t take a lot of math. You just need to get started and Take Up Code lets you learn at your own pace over time.

How about you?

Would you like to work on high-tech projects that you enjoy?

You can learn this and it really only takes a desire to improve your skills.

Just like Alain says below. He went from absolute beginner to writing two games in his first month. I remember him telling me how much he enjoyed the classes and also how it made him feel like he was actually doing something.

Takeupcode was one of the coolest thing ever, Wahid is a walking encyclopedia. I was able to build two games during my first month of coding. I recommend using take up code, you won’t regret it.

Alain C.

TakeUpCode classes have been extremely beneficial for me in my journey to learn C++. Wahid is more than willing to go the extra mile in making sure you understand each step before moving on, which allows for thorough comprehension of the program you are building. I would recommend TakeUpCode classes to anyone that wants to learn how to code from a patient and very knowledgeable instructor.

Rushton W.

TakeUpCode classes have provided me with a strong foundation in C++ and C# programming. The instructor has the experience and patience needed to make programming accessible to beginning programmers and is always willing to make the extra effort necessary to ensure a student’s understanding. I would recommend a TakeUpCode class to anyone looking for a more personalised resource on the path to becoming a programmer.

Richard C.

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I’m a never before coder wanting to expand my skill set as computers are involved in EVERYTHING now. Wahid takes a complicated subject and makes it easy to understand in nice little informational nuggets.

Soccerdoc33 - Feb 5, 2019

I am relatively late to learning about how computers and programming works but have started college classes and have begun learning. I have grown to love the Take Up Code podcasts because Mr. Tanner breaks down topics to a basic-level but without losing depth in the reason for learning that topic or its uses. I am so glad to have found these podcasts!

Redhot919 - Jul 6, 2018

Wahid Tanner does a great job explaining complex topics in a way that makes sense. He provides a unique mix of high-level discussion and in-depth exploration into each topic. I especially like how he gives context to the way things work and explains why certain conventions are followed instead of just saying “that’s just how it is”. Keep up the great work!

Jaeothyn - Feb 25, 2018