Learn To Code From Anywhere Even If You Already Have A Full Time Job

Avoid confusing theory and start writing real C++ code with live online classes you can attend on your computer. You can join the classes from anywhere in the world.

Learn the type of code used in video games and high-tech companies.

Have fun at the same time and start from the very beginning. You can get your computer setup and have your first application running in 20 minutes!

Learn From A Small Company

Alright, by small, I mean that all of this is really just one person. Yes, it’s just me, Wahid, for now. Yet with that, you get an instructor with 28 years of experience in companies like Microsoft, Dell, Citrix, Bloomberg, and 3 years of podcasting with 292 episodes.

I’ve discovered how to focus technical training over the years so you learn faster and actually understand. And you’ll learn how to code for yourself so you can do more than just copy code and modify it.

Stop Wasting Time And Money And Start Getting Results

Why waste time and money wandering around lost and distracted trying to figure out what’s really important? Just follow the classes here that will show you exactly what will help you the most.

These images come from the Essential 42 Live Class session called “How to setup your Linux computer for coding.”

There’s separate sessions for Windows, Mac, and Linux that show you how to get your computer setup and ready for coding.

It takes just 20 minutes and you’ll have your first application.

Just click here to find out more about this class and how to attend.

I don’t mean that you’ll have an iPhone app up and running in just 20 minutes. Your first app will just print some text to your screen. The important part is how it lets you begin.

If you’ve found other classes too complicated and wished there was a way for you to learn how to code from the very beginning, then you’ll find what you’re looking for right here.

Avoid Fees So High You Need Loans

You’ll find affordable classes here so you avoid the hassle of applying for student loans, waiting for some banker to approve your application, and 10 years of payback. Don’t let somebody else decide your future by denying you the opportunity to improve yourself.

You Don't Need More Stress To Learn

Intense and immersive bootcamps might work for some people but you don’t need it. You’ll find zero stress here so you’re not rushed to cut corners to avoid falling behind. Even experts don’t always get things right the first time.

There’s no entrance interviews you have to pass. No tests. Take as long as you want and repeat classes as many times as you want without paying more.

Understand Better When You Can Relate

Classes you can relate to will help you understand better and improve your confidence. Avoid feeling like you failed and instead feel good about what you can do. So much of how computers work becomes clear when you see for yourself how we work the same.

Some of the examples might be a bit on the strange side. But that makes the classes easier to remember. You’ll find a lot of cooking and video game examples.

You Can Earn A Lot Of Money When You Know How To Write Code - But The Really Cool Part Is That It's Fun Too!

Wahid Tanner

Wahid Tanner

Would you like to learn how to write code? It’s not as hard as you might think. And it can be worth a high salary once you can demonstrate your skills. It doesn’t take a lot of math. You just need to get started and Take Up Code lets you learn at your own pace over time.

Even more important than the money – it’s fun too!

I’ve been doing this for almost 30 years and you know what? It doesn’t really seem like work to me. Or to other software development engineers that I work with.


How about you?

Would you like a fun, high-tech job that you enjoy?

You can learn this and it really only takes a desire to improve your skills.

Just like Alain says below. He went from absolute beginner to writing two games in his first month. I remember him telling me how much he enjoyed the classes and also how it made him feel like he was actually doing something.

Takeupcode was one of the coolest thing ever, Wahid is a walking encyclopedia. I was able to build two games during my first month of coding. I recommend using take up code, you won’t regret it.

Alain C.

How Do You Get Started With Coding?

The most important part is to begin. Coding is a skill that takes time to learn and should be done in small steps over time. You have the options here to:

  • Attend live classes or live game development sessions from your own home on your computer,
  • Take a free email course that will show you how to build a word guessing game,
  • Listen to almost 300 free podcast episodes that are usually about 10 minutes so you can learn anytime you have a few spare minutes.

Just click the button below to go to the class descriptions. 

You can use your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. All you need to join is a good internet connection and a desire to learn.

The whole process is stress free and at a pace you control.

You have our “No Better Way To Learn Coding Guarantee” to back you up. If you don’t agree that the live classes are the best way for you to learn how to code, then you’ll get a full refund. We mean it. This is better than college classes, better than bootcamps, better than reading books, and better than watching YouTube videos. If you purchase a live class and don’t feel the same way, then you’ll get a full and prompt refund.

We want you to succeed and that means you need to be comfortable, ready to learn, and enjoying the process.

  • Each class is separate so you can join the ones most interesting to you. If you’re just starting, then the Essential 42 Classes will show you exactly how to write code over 6 weekends. Be prepared to build your own games because these classes are full of activity and encourage you to follow along instead of just watching. This starts with getting your computer ready for coding. You’ll learn what software you need to install, how to install it, and many useful tips that will help you be more productive. You’ll gain an understanding that will allow you to continue coding on your own or join other more advanced classes.
  • If you’re not ready to join the live classes yet, then you can choose to receive a free 5-day email course that will show you exactly how to build a simple game in C++. All of this is available by clicking the button below to go to the Classes page.
  • Or you can subscribe to the free Take Up Code podcast with almost 300 episodes on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and just about anywhere else. You’ll get audio podcast episodes sent directly to your phone or tablet that you can listen to anytime – even while walking.

No Better Way To Learn Coding Guarantee

You’re in for a real treat with this guarantee. You might even wonder how we can offer such a guarantee. Just take a look at some of the testimonials below. We get this all the time. People just like you are amazed at how easy they’re finding coding. Some never thought it would be possible. And after just a few hours, they were coding. And in C++ some more!

We’re so confident that you’re not going to find a better way to learn coding that we’re willing to back you up with this guarantee. If you don’t agree that the live classes are the best way for you to learn how to code, then you’ll get a full and prompt refund.

Now most places. Well, the reputable places anyway. Most places say you’ll get a full refund. There’s nothing special about that. It’s expected, right?

Here’s where we take it up a notch.

First of all, you can always ask for a full refund within a reasonable amount of time. You have 30 days after starting your live class to ask for a refund. And you’ll have it. This means that if you sign up for a class that doesn’t start for another month and a half, then you have 30 days from the date the class begins. Not the date of purchase.

What if you get sick during one of your classes? Or maybe something came up at the last minute and you couldn’t attend? You don’t need to ask for a refund. Sure, you can if you want to. That’s always an option. But you can also take the class the next time.

Let’s say you do attend the class and you just didn’t quite get it. Or maybe the problem is that you already knew everything taught and didn’t realize the class would be a review. In this case, just let us know that you didn’t get as much value from the class as promised and you can get a full and prompt refund.

We still haven’t reached the extra special part of this guarantee.

Once you’re happy with a class, you can take it again. And again. As many times as you want without paying more. This is a part of the guarantee that doesn’t involve a refund. It’s about making sure that you understand the topic now and in the future. Most companies talk about guarantees only as they relate to giving you money back. You got that part already. What they don’t do is guarantee that you can continue to learn even after time has passed and you forget.

Try that with a college or a bootcamp!

Do you think a bootcamp will let you take classes as many times as you want? Probably only if you keep paying them $10,000 each time you want to go through the bootcamp.

What about a college? What would they do if you sign up for a class and don’t do so well but you still want to try again later? Well, first of all, you’d probably be stuck with whatever grade you got. Some colleges will only let you retake a class if you get a D or an F. Got a C instead? That will remain in your transcript forever. Oh, and you’ll still have to pay again each time you take a college class.

You have choices here. You can ask for a refund for whatever reason. If you don’t think this is the best way to learn coding, then we want you to ask for a refund. And if you do think it’s the best, then keep on learning because you can take your classes again.

Learn Real Computer Science And Finally Make Sense Of It All

Most bootcamps promise to help you become a “full stack” developer. This means you know how to build a web application that customers use through their internet browser. The application will have

  • a front-end which the customers see and interact with,
  • a back-end which is where a lot of the real coding is done,
  • and a database to hold all the information that gets displayed to the customer.

Learning how to design and build all these pieces that are stacked on top of each other is what makes you a full stack developer.

But this is only one small aspect of being a software engineer.

As a software engineer, you’ll be able to do so much more.

Ever wonder:

  • Who wrote the browser itself?
  • Who created the back-end frameworks?
  • Who programmed the database?
  • What about the computer operating system that all this runs on?
  • How are other applications and games written?

Learning a set of skills, any set of skills, is a great start. As long as you realize there’s more. At Take Up Code, you learn computer science level topics that can be used to code anything.

After 3 years of producing the Take Up Code podcast, we’ve learned the value of making complicated subjects easy to understand through examples.

You can understand coding, even college level coding, with the right approach.

So go ahead and build websites. Then, you’ll be able to go beyond and create something completely new.

What do real listeners have to say about Take Up Code?

These are some comments from listeners of the Take Up Code podcast on iTunes. You can find these reviews posted on Apple’s iTunes system.

These are only a few of the great comments.

Thank you, listeners!

There’s over 40 detailed reviews like these and over 70 5-star ratings.

I’m a never before coder wanting to expand my skill set as computers are involved in EVERYTHING now. Wahid takes a complicated subject and makes it easy to understand in nice little informational nuggets.

Soccerdoc33 - Feb 5, 2019

I am relatively late to learning about how computers and programming works but have started college classes and have begun learning. I have grown to love the Take Up Code podcasts because Mr. Tanner breaks down topics to a basic-level but without losing depth in the reason for learning that topic or its uses. I am so glad to have found these podcasts!

Redhot919 - Jul 6, 2018

Wahid Tanner does a great job explaining complex topics in a way that makes sense. He provides a unique mix of high-level discussion and in-depth exploration into each topic. I especially like how he gives context to the way things work and explains why certain conventions are followed instead of just saying “that’s just how it is”. Keep up the great work!

Jaeothyn - Feb 25, 2018

Learn how to code and start enjoying your job!

Writing in notebookCoding is one of just a few activities that allows you to create something using just your creativity and skills. Writing a fictional novel comes to mind as another.

It’s no coincidence that programmers refer to this as “writing code.” If you like to create or build things, then you’ll probably like coding. And if you like what you do, then imagine going to work that no longer seems like work.

Imagine arriving at work with a smile on your face and looking forward to the day.

Imagine losing track of time instead of watching the clock slowly creep toward break time.

It really turns work into fun!

In addition to creating things, every industry and every job is changing. Learning how to code helps you to stay relevant. And you learn how to solve problems that you can apply no matter what you do.

Get live classes at Take Up Code that are fun and let you ask questions!

Child with sparks of interestShouldn’t learning how to code be just as fun and interesting? We think so too!

And that’s why wherever possible, you’ll learn how to code by building games. The games start out simple so you can understand them. This means you can experiment with them on your own. And that’s where the real learning begins.

When you have questions, you’ll get answers here.

Take Up Code gives you more than just recordings to watch or listen to. Sure, those things are great. And the Take Up Code podcast gives you hundreds of short, focused episodes that you can listen to anytime.

You need access to real people to get answers. Sometimes online forums can help. But only a live class lets you ask questions and get answers right away while your question is still fresh.

This can make the difference between understanding the rest of the class or getting lost and losing interest.

TakeUpCode classes have been extremely beneficial for me in my journey to learn C++. Wahid is more than willing to go the extra mile in making sure you understand each step before moving on, which allows for thorough comprehension of the program you are building. I would recommend TakeUpCode classes to anyone that wants to learn how to code from a patient and very knowledgeable instructor.

Rushton W.

TakeUpCode classes have provided me with a strong foundation in C++ and C# programming. The instructor has the experience and patience needed to make programming accessible to beginning programmers and is always willing to make the extra effort necessary to ensure a student’s understanding. I would recommend a TakeUpCode class to anyone looking for a more personalised resource on the path to becoming a programmer.

Richard C.

Do You Have What It Takes To Code?

You might have seen quizzes on other sites that ask a bunch of questions and then tell you if programming is right for you. I think this one is different. Sure, there’s still a bunch of questions. But you don’t need to use a calculator or try to figure out what picture comes next in a complicated series.

The questions here are based on years of my experience and reflect the qualities that make a good programmer. Use it as a guide. Just another thing to consider when deciding what you want to do.

There’s 11 multiple choice questions and you’ll get a score at the end. Each answer has a description so you can understand what it means. There’s no “on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being…” type questions. Each answer will mean something to you.

You also don’t need to provide an email address to take the quiz. Just click the button below to go to the quiz page and start.

This quiz is easy to take. Just answer how you tend to approach things and how you feel. There are no trick questions or puzzles. Just questions that I think are important and will help you figure out if you like coding.

This quiz is also private to you. Only you will see your answers. They’re not stored here in any form and you can take the quiz as many times as you want. You will have the option to have your answers emailed to you if you want.

Please leave a comment at the end of the quiz with your thoughts,