Benefits Of Live Classes

Time for answers

Ask questions any time

A well written book or video is great but what do you do when you have a question that the author or instructor did not explain? Or maybe it was explained but your situation is different. You can ask anything you want and the instructor will help you until you are satisfied. (more…)
Marbles on track

Learn at your pace

This goes beyond just being able to choose when and how long to learn how to program because you get the help and guidance for your level of experience and can advance as fast or slow as you want. You might be really good already with one skill while completely new to another. (more…)

What people think of Take Up Code

TakeUpCode classes have provided me with a strong foundation in C++ and C# programming. The instructor has the experience and patience needed to make programming accessible to beginning programmers and is always willing to make the extra effort necessary to ensure a student’s understanding. I would recommend a TakeUpCode class to anyone looking for a more personalised resource on the path to becoming a programmer.

TakeUpCode classes have been extremely beneficial for me in my journey to learn C++. Wahid is more than willing to go the extra mile in making sure you understand each step before moving on, which allows for thorough comprehension of the program you are building. I would recommend TakeUpCode classes to anyone that wants to learn how to code from a patient and very knowledgeable instructor.

Podcast Episodes

205: Trees: What Can You Do With Them?

What other things can trees help you to solve?

204: This Is Terrible, You Gotta Start Anyway.

Have you ever created something and then thought about how bad it was? What did you do?

203: Trees: Why Use Them?

Why should you consider using trees?

202: Graphs vs. Trees vs. Hierarchies: Compared.

Before exploring HTML and CSS further, you are going to need to understand graphs, trees, and hierarchies.

201: HTML: Caching Generated Output For Speed.

Now that you can generate HTML, why would you ever want to go back to the old way of unchanging HTML?