Bootcamp vs. college degree

I came across this infographic from recently and thought you'd like it. It compares two options most people think about when deciding to learn how to code. Take Up Code is neither a bootcamp nor a college. The focus here is all about giving you...

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C++ operator precedence chart in detail

This is a chart I combined from various sources online and from books. You can use it to better understand which operators C++ will apply before others whenever you have an expression containing multiple operators. Most other charts say that you can override the order...

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Hello World explained line by line

I’m a big fan of starting out simple and building up from there. And it’s harder to get any simpler than a “Hello, World!” application. Even here, if you really think about it, there’s a lot going on. So I decided to annotate this for you.

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Focus on results instead of time

This is not a college course where you only need to show up for attendance, turn in your homework, cram for some tests, and claim your credit hours. You're not being graded at all here. You are the judge of how well you have learned a topic and how well you can apply...

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Should I learn C, C++, or C#

This question is often asked and if you have any programming friends, you'll likely get a different answer from each friend. And you may even get a another suggestion to learn Java instead. I've been programming for 25 years and have seen languages come and go. Keep...

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