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There are 11 multiple choice questions here. Nothing that requires math, or staring at jumbled letter or symbols, or solving puzzles.

You'll find those types of questions on many quizzes. To be honest, I usually get those wrong anyway. And I've been programming and loving it for 25 years. The questions in this quiz are the questions I think are most important and are designed to get you thinking about yourself. The other stuff will come later. These are more defining and lasting questions that will better predict your chances of becoming a successful programmer.

This is not a stressful quiz. Take your time and be honest with yourself. Only you will see your answers and they're not stored anywhere. You'll have the option at the end to email your results to yourself and opt in for additional emails if you want.

I hope you enjoy the quiz,

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1. How long will you keep trying something? We're all familiar with the advice to try again if at first we don't succeed. But what's your limit for retries?
2. How focused are you when you concentrate? Do you get disturbed easily?
3. Are you detail oriented? Can you spot a small defect or problem? Or would you rather work on bigger things and let others figure out the details?
4. How good are you at thinking about effects? Do you reason things out and try to think about the possibilities? Or do you react to whatever happens?
5. If you had help from several people, would you know how to divide the work so that everybody stayed busy?
6. If you had to open a large container where the lid was screwed on really tight, what would you do?
7. When was the last time you learned something new?
8. How good are you at reading and following instructions?
9. How good are you with priorities?
10. You're working on a large project when you notice something not right that needs to be fixed. What do you do?
11. Do you like working with computers? In other words, are you considering a career as a programmer because you like working with computers and like building things, and like solving problems? Or have you heard this is a good job to have even if you'd rather be outside or doing something with less thought required?

That's all the questions.

I hope you found the questions insightful. You'll get the most value from this quiz by really thinking about your true tendencies. There's nothing right or wrong about any of the answers you provided. They should describe you. That's when you'll get the most from this quiz. If you want to go back and change any of your answers, just click the Previous button.

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