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I’m a big fan of starting out simple and building up from there. And it’s harder to get any simpler than a “Hello, World!” application. Even here, if you really think about it, there’s a lot going on. So I decided to annotate this for you. And while doing so, tried to add just a little bit more code than your typical “Hello, World!” application so that you can see a little better how things relate. For example, the main method actually has multiple forms it can use. Seeing them both together helps to understand the differences. And the same thing with displaying text using cout. I think it helps to understand both displaying text with cout and reading text with cin when you can see both of them used together.

Take the next step and build a simple game

Are you looking for more than just some welcoming text? If you like this sample code, then you’ll really like giving it some action by turning it into a racing game! Learn how you can write a game with just 60 lines of code that lets you steer a race car around a track full of obstacles.