Racing Game Demo Video

Build This Video Game In One Hour Even If This Is Your First Time Programming

Learn how to program your first application. A video Game! Start with this class if you have no idea what it means to program a computer. At the end of the hour you’ll have your own game that you can run and you’ll be able to make changes on your own to get your game to do new things.

You’ll learn how to setup your computer for programming and install everything to get started in about 15 minutes.

Then you’ll learn how to use the development tools just installed and begin writing your first program. It’ll be simple at first and just print some text to the screen. But you’ll build on that and start reading from the keyboard. Then you’ll learn how to turn that basic knowledge into a simple racing game.

The whole game is just 60 lines of code. It may not look like much. There’s no fancy graphics or sound effects. But there’s just enough code that you can understand all of it in about 45 minutes. And then you can experiment!

This simple game has all the important parts of any video game:

  • It has a game loop with an adjustable frame rate.
  • It processes user input and updates the game elements.
  • And it performs collision detection so it can tell when the car runs into a wall.

All of that fits into just 60 lines of code. There’s nothing complicated about the code. It’s as simple as I can make it for you to be able to understand.

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