Learning how to program effectively will eventually require that you learn more than just one language. You already know that there are different types of languages and different levels. There’s another fundamental difference between some languages such as between C++ and C#. Some languages are interpreted and some are compiled. And some like C# get compiled twice with some aspects of being interpreted too. Knowing how your code behaves will allow you to select the best tool for the job.

This episode builds on the turn left or right, jump, and take steps game by comparing different approaches that you could take and then showing how one approach leads to an interpreted solution while the other leads to a compiled solution.

It seems like compiling is the better option until you learn how flexible the interpreted solution can be.

So are languages interpreted or compiled? They can be either and sometimes evolve from one to the other. Knowing how your programming language currently behaves and what to expect from it in the future are critical to building a successful application.