You can join an actual game development session almost every Saturday. This schedule might change in the future. But until then, you can find me working on a video game almost every Saturday.

I’ve brought together a lot of code that I’ve written over the past five years into a single library that I use in the game development sessions. There’s a lot in it with eight major components so far.

  • Testing library. This lets you think about how you intend to use your code before you write it and then make sure it does what you expect.
  • Logging library that lets you easily write information to a file as your application runs.
  • Google’s Protocol Buffers lets you send and receive messages between different parts of your application.
  • File library to manage reading and writing files.
  • Configuration library that lets you store structured information in a text file.
  • Event publishing and subscribing library that lets you define exactly what information you’ll send whenever something important happens in your application.
  • Extension library is where new things can be added to your app or maybe existing things can be changed.
  • Curses library lets you write text-based applications and helps hide some of the more difficult aspect of curses.