What are denial of service attacks? This week has been a rough week for the Take Up Code website and that has affected the podcast. I host the website and in turn the feed that makes this into a podcast on a server that sits in a big datacenter somewhere in Atlanta, Georgia. Well, that datacenter was put under so much stress due to a coordinated attack that the the entire datacenter had to be taken offline for several days while measures were taken to combat the attack. What happened? And what was done to make it better? That’s what I’m going to begin explaining today.

This episode takes the form of an imaginary story set in a future world where everybody stays inside their homes and have automated bins that remotely navigate streets. The bins are used for shopping and communicating.

I describe in the story how you can use the bins to order food from a restaurant one day just fine but then what happens when the restaurant is attacked? You’ll have to listen to find out.