Do you get more value out of articles, videos, or podcasts?

The question of value comes down to three aspects:

  • What are you doing and what’s your immediate surroundings? Certain tasks are just better suited for different formats.
  • What’s the topic? An author can’t just take material intended for one format and convert it without change into another. But it’s surprising how many will try. I’ve seen podcasts that claim to teach computer programming that are just the audio taken from live lectures. I can’t learn like that and I would think that a lot of other people would have difficulties too.
  • Does the author understand various learning styles and make an effort to include similar teaching styles into the article, video, or podcast?

When an author knows how to do incorporate different teaching styles into a custom presentation that really plays to the strengths of the format, then you have something that you can use to its full advantage whenever your situation also matches.


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