How do you test changes in a large project? This question was asked during a recent live weekend class by Rushton W. In the class, I was explaining the benefits of compiling and testing changes often and Rushton wanted to know how this worked in a large application like might be found in a major software company.

This episode explains three activities you can take to help you test your changes.

The first is to make use of automated tests including unit tests. One of the first unit tests that I always write when working on a new class is just a test that makes sure that the class can be constructed.

The second is to make sure to involve the customer. This can really be whoever is going to use your program. Use feedback from the customer to help you write more tests.

The third activity is to adopt a design that will allow you to test your changes without needing to build everything and perform a full application install. You want to have small components that are easier to test with unit tests but also easy to just build that one component and swap it into your application for more integrated testing.