Access control lists provide more security options.

The previous episode described the traditional security model used by Unix computers. This includes Linux and Mac computers as well. It’s a simple model that works really well.

But it still requires you to divide everything into three viewpoints. What can the owner do? What can members of a group do? And what can everybody else do? Even the question of what are these things that can or can’t be done comes down to just read, write, and execute.

Make sure to listen to the previous episode for more information.

It’s a lot better than nothing. Early PCs had no concept of security at all. Maybe that’s because they were mainly used by a single person. They were, after all, personal computers.

The first time I came across a different system was with Windows NT. This stood for new technology and rewrote a lot of the early DOS-based operating system. Listen to the full episode for more details about NTFS security using access control lists (ACL), access control entries (ACE), and security descriptors (SD).