You’ll learn how to use HTML to format your text into headings, paragraphs, and lists in this episode.

Why do you need HTML to format your documents? Why not just use a text editor to write whatever you want to appear on a web page and save it in a plain text file? Will this work? And what problems will you encounter if you try this?

First of all, it will work. Sort of. You can create content that you want to display and put that content on a web server.

With a text file, you’ll be able to display separate paragraphs of text and you can even use tabs to indent some text. That’s about all the formatting you can do.

Want a section break between topics? Well, you can always type in a bunch of dashes or maybe equal signs if you want to be extra fancy.

Want a bulleted list of items? Well, you can always start each paragraph with a star character. That sort of looks like a bullet point, right?

Want different sizes of text? Different colors? Different placement? Want links so visitors can navigate to other pages? Sorry, the browser just won’t interpret your text file like this. You’ll need to use HTML to add formatting and you can listen to the full episode to learn how to format headings, paragraphs, and lists.


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