How do you send multiple messages across a single channel?

Multiplexing is a topic that applies most to communications but it also applies to computer networks. It’s an advanced topic that I won’t be able to fully explain in this podcast. But you will understand the basic concepts.

Imagine that you want to send multiple messages consisting of a series of bits but at some point in the network there’s only a single wire to transmit signals. One option is to devote the communication channel to one message at a time. You’ll need to hold the other messages for as long as it takes. This is probably not a very good idea though.

Multiplexing is just a way for you to share a limited communication channel across different messages and purposes. Whatever technique is used to multiplex the messages, there needs to be something on the other side called a demultiplexer.

Listen to the full episode for the full explanation where I use cars and traffic lights as examples.