This first episode introduces the Take Up Code podcast and what you can expect. And really, it’s here to answer the question, “Why Take Up Code?”

There are two parts to this:

  1. Why should you learn how to program at all?
  2. Why is Take Up Code your best option to help you achieve your desires?

Why should you learn how to program at all?

Programming is becoming a basic skill that is needed in more and more applications.
The reason programming is becoming a basic skill is because it helps you solve any kind of problem.

  • You can automate tasks that save you time and gather and organize results to help you understand what could be wrong when faced with a problem.
  • You understand how to divide a problem into smaller pieces.
  • You learn how to think differently and apply patterns and steps to solve one problem and then apply the solution to other similar problems.
  • And you gain insight into how things work that will help you better use them to their full potential.

Programming gets you into a creative mindset and soon you will be planning to build things instead of buying them. If you enjoy building and constructing things, then learning how to program is just plain fun.

Why Take Up Code is your best choice?

We’ll have fun with this podcast and explore a wide range of topics. And we’ll cover multiple languages eventually.

I’ll help you with fundamental concepts that will apply to any language and mixed in there will be topics specific to C++ and C#.

You’ll learn from my mistakes, achievements, and insights.

I’ll show you real programming skills. This is not just a web developer bootcamp.

We’ll do all of this with a free weekday podcast and Fridays will be all about your questions and answers. Submit your questions here.

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