From the beginning, I've learned how to code by building games and that's how I'd like to help you learn coding too.

This particular game has gone through several big changes over the years and I think I've finally simplified it enough that you can learn something while making it big enough that you will be learning how real problems are solved.

Wahid Coding On Subway

In other words, this is not just a sample. This is a real project that's actually bigger than some projects I've worked on at other companies. I've been working on this whenever I have time. This is me about to begin coding on my way to work one day.

From the beginning, this game has been designed and built to show you how to code. And I've already went through 31 hours of live class instruction starting from the absolute beginning.

I'm talking about starting from the point of never having written a single bit of code before. Maybe you don't even have your computer ready for programming. That's okay. You'll learn it all.

But more important is that you learn the process. I make mistakes in my code. Everybody does.

I change my mind too. Sometimes, I'll need to rip everything apart and start over. This is the sort of thing you'll never find in books or online classes. Why? Because it makes the instructor look bad.

Or so they think. I say this is how things are done. And if you're going to learn how to code, then you might as well learn how it's really done.

I need your help.

Before wrapping this game up, I need to make sure it covers everything you will need.

There's still time to add new material and cover new subjects and answer new questions.

This is where you can help. Please take just a few minutes to answer this super-short survey. There's only two questions you need to answer.

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