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What computer should I use to learn how to program?

There are several aspects to this question. You might be wondering: Should I use a PC, or a Mac? And what about Linux? Should I use a desktop, a laptop, or a tablet? Can I use my phone? I have an older computer. Do I need to buy a new one? Let’s look at these […]

Focus on results instead of time

This is not a college course where you only need to show up for attendance, turn in your homework, cram for some tests, and claim your credit hours. You’re not being graded at all here. You are the judge of how well you have learned a topic and how well you can apply what you […]

Should I learn C, C++, or C#

This question is often asked and if you have any programming friends, you will likely get a different answer from each friend. And you may even get a another suggestion to learn Java instead. Eventually, you will find value in learning multiple languages. And there could be a new language that you are interested in […]