Podcast Episodes

3: From Binary To GUIs. Part 1.

You have probably heard that computers only understand zeros and ones. So how does a computer go from zeros and ones to colorful graphical interfaces with buttons and web browsers?

2: What Is Programming?

This episode will explain different types of programming in terms that you will be familiar with and then relate everything to computer programming concepts.

1: How To Start Programming.

Getting started is hard. This episode goes into some psychological aspects that will help you start programming and then some specific steps to get your software development environment setup on your computer.

0: Why Take Up Code?

This first episode introduces the Take Up Code podcast and what you can expect. And really, it is here to answer the question, Why Take Up Code?

You can learn programming without engineering or mathematics

Have you ever wondered what you need to know before you are ready to learn how to program? Maybe you feel that you should be a math wiz in order to consider programming? The simple answer is you really don’t need any special skills and that you can get started right away and have your […]