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12: References Are More Than Just Pointers.

References behave a lot like pointers and are what many language designers use when trying to claim that their language is simpler because it avoids pointers. Do not fall for it. Take the time to learn pointers and references properly and you will build a foundation that will serve you well in all your future […]

11: There’s A Method For All This.

We talk about methods in this episode. There are many kinds of methods and we will need to split this topic into multiple episodes. I will explain how methods are called and how they return when they are done. And a bit about how viruses can sneak in and gain control.

QA Friday 2015-Nov-27

The question this week comes from Mark L. and Scott S. who have both noticed some companies hire programmers who all speak the same language. Spanish is a common example. And they want to know why. What are the benefits of a software development team that all speak a language other than English?

10: Double Pointers! The Pattern Continues.

A double pointer is nothing more than a pointer to another pointer. It is possible to continue this pattern indefinitely having pointers to pointers to pointers, and so on. But you will rarely need more than a double pointer.

9: Pointer Arithmetic. This Is Easy!

Now that you know how a pointer can be used to separate groups of items, I am going to explain another use of pointers that helps you work with the individual items in the group through a special concept called pointer arithmetic.