Podcast Episodes

24: Inheritance. The Is-A Relationship.

Class relationships bring out the full power of object-oriented programming. Inheritance allows you to create classes that specialize or extend other classes. You can create entire hierarchies of classes but there are enough gotchas that some languages have restricted inheritance. This episode will not only explain what inheritance is but give you some guidance on […]

23: Access Control. Employees Only.

When defining what data and methods belong to a class, you also get to set accessibility levels so that some things are available for general use while other members are more restricted. Why not just make everything available? Then you do not have to worry about it, right? Learning proper access control will help you […]

QA Friday 2015-Dec-18

What are logical operators? I sometimes find this question asked online and thought it would be good to explore. There are only three and you might think you already know how to understand them. But have you heard of short circuit evaluations? If you do not fully understand how logical operations can sometimes exit early, […]

22: C# Creating And Disposing Instances.

Creating instances in C# is a bit different because there is a difference between value types and reference types. You will be able to navigate your objects with ease after this episode.

21: C++ Creating And Deleting Instances.

You are ready now to apply what you have learned about class definitions, pointers, and constructors and destructors to be able to create new instances in the main computer memory. There are some fundamental differences between C++ and C# that we are going to again focus on just C++ first and then explore C# tomorrow.