Podcast Episodes

10: Double Pointers! The Pattern Continues.

A double pointer is nothing more than a pointer to another pointer. It is possible to continue this pattern indefinitely having pointers to pointers to pointers, and so on. But you will rarely need more than a double pointer.

9: Pointer Arithmetic. This Is Easy!

Now that you know how a pointer can be used to separate groups of items, I am going to explain another use of pointers that helps you work with the individual items in the group through a special concept called pointer arithmetic.

8: Pointers! Computers Use Them Too.

If there is one thing that scares people more than void, it has got to be pointers. And rightfully so if they are misused or you get somebody trying to explain them who is already uncomfortable with them. This episode is going to rip the bandage off quick so we can move past this topic […]

7: Into The Void.

Understanding types is super critical to being able to program. Without this knowledge it would be like trying to go through life where everything you see and feel is unknown to you.

QA Friday 2015-Nov-20

The question this week comes from Scott S. who wants to know what are all the files that get created when building an application.