Learn How To Build Your Own Game Of WordGuess With a 5-day Email Course.

Get an email every day that shows you how to program a game. Each email will add more and more to the game until you have a complete game that lets you guess words. You get to explore options along the way and experience the game as it develops.

This is just like what you would do if you were to start programming this yourself. Nobody goes from an empty page straight to the final design. We try things. We get something small working and then build on it.

Here’s what you’ll get now for signing up:

  • Receive 5 daily emails that explain all the code step-by-step.
  • Experiment and build each step to see your progress.
  • Finish with a working game of WordGuess and ideas that will help you continue on your own.

Use This Class To Start All Your C++ Classes With Professional Quality

A lot of object-oriented code you’ll write will need the same basic functionality. You can use this C++ class as the starting point for all your classes. Just change the name and make some adjustments. Starting from this class will not only save you time, but it’ll also make sure you start your code correctly each time you need to write a new class.

Here’s what you’ll get now with your free download:

  • Multiple constructors including default and copy.
  • Keep your class data in a separate embedded structure for fast and easy swapping and moving.
  • Getter and setter properties.
  • Equality operators work with multiple properties. 
  • String conversion method for easy formatting.
  • Use this code to start all of your classes.