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Part of the problem is precisely because you can find “everything”. It becomes more difficult to navigate through “everything” and focus on what really matters.

The Internet is a great place to find answers. But a lot of what makes a great coder isn’t going to be found in a list of facts.

There’s a lot of value in a curriculum that’s designed to work as a whole. The thought and planning that goes into a set of classes saves you time and mistakes.

Or consider any of the almost 300 podcast episodes available for free here. Remember that they are free! Just a 10 minute episode can easily require 2 to 3 hours to produce. Again, you save time and mistakes when you find content that’s been condensed and organized.

So, yes, while you could find everything you need in free online videos and articles, don’t forget that until you know more, you won’t know what you’re missing. And you might not even know when you’re being taught something that’s either outdated or completely wrong.