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Well, why should kids be the only ones to have fun? If you had to choose between getting your work done in a boring way that has you checking the clock every few minutes, or a fun and exciting way that leaves you ready for more, which would you choose?

That’s why there’s such a focus on games. Because it leaves you ready and excited for the next lesson.

And on top of that, if you can build a game, then you have the skills to build any type of program. So go ahead and learn how to code by making games. And then take that skill and use it to build whatever you want later.

Just think about all the action going on in a typical tower defense game. That’s a type of game where you have to defend against a horde of invaders who seem to keep coming. A game needs to keep track of all this and do it quickly. So you learn to write fast code that can do hundreds or thousands of things each second.