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Coding and programming both mean the same thing, really. And at Take Up Code, you’ll probably come across the word coding more than programming. That’s just because most visitors are more familiar with the word coding.

The real difference is between coding and writing HTML and CSS. Many coding bootcamps claim they’re teaching you how to code when really, they’re teaching you little more than how to build a web page. Sure, there’s some coding involved with that but not as much as you might think.

Would you say that writing a letter is coding? How about formatting that letter to add some bigger text for headings? Or changing some of the colors and moving text around so it looks better?

Writing HTML and CSS is more about presenting information and making sure it looks good than coding. When you start adding behavior to your web pages, then you’ll be doing coding with JavaScript. And when you start adding behavior on your servers to work with the correct information that you read from a database, then you’ll be doing coding.

You can go further and deeper than just this. Learning computer science coding skills will make you a software design engineer instead of just a full-stack web developer.