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No. The biggest reason why is because Take Up Code is not a school. Not in the traditional sense, anyway.

You come here to learn skills and improve yourself so you can either apply for a coding job or learn how to code your own apps. Once you can do something, instead of showing somebody a certificate, why not just show them your work instead? Your work is also a LOT more convincing.

Some schools are so expensive that you need loans. And that means you need the school to be accredited so you can get federal student aid loans. But at Take Up Code, you’ll find the courses are much more reasonably priced.

Maybe you’re considering taking classes at a local community college. You would probably want it to be accredited so that you can apply your credits to another college. You’ll most likely want to do this for general education topics such as history or language arts. But Take Up Code doesn’t offer general education classes. So you don’t need accreditation for that either.

The short answer is that if you’re looking for an accredited school, then a traditional college or university is where you should be looking. But if you want to learn how to code, then Take Up Code can help you.

Another option to consider is to use Take Up Code to help supplement your regular school or job training.

The courses at Take Up Code were originally live classes offered on a rotating schedule. This meant you had to wait for the next class to attend. You’ll find recorded video courses now that are offered at various times.