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Where to begin answering this? There’s direct benefits and other indirect benefits you’ll get from learning how to code.

Of course, you’ll learn how to code. But there’s more to it than just that. You’ll learn how to code in C++ which gives you a solid foundation for learning other programming languages. You can read more with this blog post about which language should you learn first, C, C++, or C#?.

Once you know enough coding skills to be able to write your own applications, how will this help you? For one, you’ll be able to create your own apps. Got an idea for the next viral app but don’t know how to begin and can’t afford or trust some programmer you don’t know? Learn how to build it yourself! Check out this blog post that shows you how you can save 3 million dollars over 2 years by writing your own code.

Even if you don’t build the whole thing, you’ll get a good start and be able to explain your design to another programmer. You’ll also be able to recognize when a shady consultant is trying to trick you.

You’ll also gain the skills and confidence to apply for software development engineer positions. This works best if you already work at a technical company and know the engineering managers. If you can prove that you know how to code, then they’ll normally give you fair consideration.

Beyond these direct benefits, you’ll also improve your critical thinking ability and feel better about the future of your career without worrying so much all the time about what will happen if you lose your job.