Take Up Code helps you learn how to code. You learn coding skills that give you options to improve your career or work on your own projects. The focus is all on coding. Without the stress and judgement you’ll find in schools.

Schools have grades. And tests. While Take Up Code might sometimes have tests and quizzes, the focus is different. A school gives a test to judge you and give you a grade. Take Up Code gives you tools to help you learn better.

Schools have semesters where a class can take 12 or more weeks. You either take the whole class or nothing. And many times, you won’t know exactly what you’ll be learning. Take Up Code gives you a variety of classes. Some are short and some are longer. You always know exactly what you’re getting because of our detailed descriptions. And because of that, you can pick and choose your classes with a flexibility no school can match.

Once you finish a class in a school, you’re done. And you’re usually stuck with your grade. Even if you pay to take the class again. Take Up Code has no grades and lets you take the same class as many times as you want without paying more. Classes are scheduled in such a way that they repeat. To take a class again, all you have to do is sign up for the scheduled events when they become available.