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Take Up Code helps you build skills that you can use for any programming language. This gives you the most flexibility to adapt to changes. And with technology, change is certain. You’ll be ready for it and know the fundamental skills that will help you pick up a new programming language in a snap.

Got your eye on getting a specific type of programming job? A bootcamp will teach you skills that you might retain if you start using them right away. In other words, because a bootcamp is so compressed where you have to learn everything in just a few short weeks, you won’t have time to fully lock in those skills.

So if you can find a bootcamp that matches the exact job you’re going for, and you get accepted, and you manage to come up with the huge payments demanded by bootcamps, and you can fit it all into your schedule, then maybe it’ll work out for you.

It’s like memorizing a shopping list. You can remember a few things for a short time. If you have the same list each week for many months, then it will become part of you. But until you reach that point, it’s all in your short term memory. Learning something like Javascript in a bootcamp gives you barely any time at all to fully process the new skills. So unless you start putting it to use right away, you’ll lose it.

Take Up Code will work with you at your own pace to learn how to code. Really learn how to code. Not just a few languages like Javascript. You’ll develop long term skills that will become part of you and that you’ll be able to rely on later when a new language or technology emerges. You’ll be prepared and confident for a wider range of jobs.

Bootcamps rely on stress and tight schedules to motivate you to retain your skills. This is like cramming for a test the night before. You might do well on the next exam. But you didn’t really learn your subject.

It takes time to learn. Our brains actually have to grow new connections and then reinforce those connections. You want to be building and reinforcing the right connections that will help you the most when you really need them.