Yes. And with more than just your typical “satisfaction guarantee”. That’s kind of a boring guarantee. Of course your satisfaction is guaranteed!

You have a stronger guarantee here.

There’s No Better Way To Learn Coding Guarantee

If you don’t agree that this is the best way to learn how to code, then please, ask for a refund. This is better than colleges. Better than bootcamps. Better than searching through YouTube videos. And better than struggling to teach yourself. If you don’t agree, then you’ll get a prompt and full refund.

But your guarantee doesn’t stop there. You have 30 full days from the time you start attending a class to ask for a refund. This means if you sign up for a class and then get sick or find yourself too busy to attend, you can register for the next class. Your 30 days starts from when you actually start taking the class.

And if that wasn’t enough, most guarantees only talk about what happens when you’re not happy. With this guarantee, not only will you be happy, but you’ll stay happy. Because you can take the class again and again as many times as you want.

You have choices here. You can ask for a refund for whatever reason. And if you do agree that this is the best way to learn coding, then keep on learning because you can take your classes again.