Thank You For Requesting The eBook Preview

You might wonder why not make the eBooks available on Amazon? It seems like that’s the place to be, right?

Sure, that might result in more visibility. Or not. It’s not guaranteed that having a Kindle eBook will suddenly make a book into a success. But visibility and having a larger audience is only part of the picture. You see, Amazon requires authors to agree to some strict guidelines. And these guidelines are designed to protect Amazon. They are not designed to provide more value to you.

It’s important that you get value from the preview. This is not some partial sample that leaves you hanging. That’s why we decided to include a large portion of the full eBook in the preview. Amazon would only let you have ten percent of the pages. That’s not fair to you so we decided to publish the eBook directly. And now we can include what’s best for you and what makes the most sense.

If you decide that the preview is everything you hoped it would be, then visit the eBooks page to purchase the full book. Thank you again!