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When I first started teaching coding classes, there was only one class and it took was 10 hours total each weekend, 6 hours on Saturday and 4 on Sunday.

We built games.

The testimonials on the home page of Take Up Code are mostly from students during this time.

But there was a problem.

It was difficult for new students to join without disturbing the ongoing classes. Because the current students had already been attending and knew the basics.

How was I supposed to teach the new students the same basic skills without boring the existing students with endless review? And if I kept going, then the new students would be lost.

I was trying to avoid the typical solution which is to offer cohorts that begin on a certain date and finish together a few weeks or months later. This just seems too rigid and difficult to schedule for weekend classes.

After a lot of thought and several attempts to solve the problem, I think this class is the perfect solution.

This class is just for beginners.

It’s a foundation that will prepare you for other classes. It lets you build your skills along with other beginning students so that you won’t get lost anymore when you attend other classes later. In that way, it’s like a cohort. But it’s a cohort only for the foundational class sessions.

I think you’ll like the balance this gives you. Take these class sessions and then you’ll be ready to jump into other classes with the skills and confidence to keep up.

Use the following buttons to find available class sessions.

There’s a lot of sessions in this class. The total count will be about 42 and could change over time. When you purchase this class, you’ll have access to sign up for any upcoming sessions as many times as you want. The following buttons will let you search the scheduled events for any of the sessions.


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