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One of my favorite books is called “How to Solve It: Modern Heuristics” by Michalewicz and Fogel. It’s a programming book that explains how to solve problems with code but it also explores an interesting aspect of problem solving in general. A problem that we often don’t notice in school.

You see, most school classes are focused on a specific topic, then test students on that topic, and usually never come back to that topic again. Okay, maybe on a final exam. But that’s it. When was the last time you used geometry while studying algebra?

In real life, when you have a problem to solve, you’re free to use any technique available to you. You don’t have to use something just because you just learned about it. But even more important is that you don’t really know what technique to use because real problems are not associated with a school subject.
You have to learn how to apply a wide range of techniques in order to be good at solving problems. Because you never know what the best solution to the next problem will be.

That’s why review classes like this is so important. They give you the chance to step back and consider everything that you’ve learned so far.
You might find that your questions are deeper and more thoughtful when you start thinking about how things relate or compare with each other. People talk about “connecting the dots” and that’s actually a good way to recognize when your skills have advanced. The first step is to learn individual topics. Your value really increases when you understand how they relate.

You’ll also get guidance on what you can look forward to and how to continue on your own. The real learning starts when you experiment and try things on your own. You need to know when you’re on the right track and these classes will help give you that awareness.

There’s two instances of this class. Each review is at the end of the month and covers everything you’ve learned up to that point in this series of Essential 42 classes.

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