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Save money with these weekly bundles of the Essential 42 Live Classes. Come back and take the classes as many times as you want without paying more. This will help refresh your memory or brush up on things after a while. These 42 classes have been designed to give you the best advantage possible over a short time of just 6 weekends. That’s 3 weekends each month for 2 months. And the classes repeat every 2 months so you won’t have to wait long for the same class to be offered again.

You can start from the very beginning even if you’ve never coded anything before. All you really need is a desire to learn and improve your skills. These 42 classes will give you the strong foundation you need to continue exploring more topics. To get the most benefit, you should take these classes in the order they are scheduled. Then once you’ve completed them, you’ll be ready to pick and choose other classes that you’re most interested in without getting lost.

You don’t have to buy these bundles in order to take the Essential 42 Live Classes. You can register for each one separately to help spread the cost if you want. These bundles save you $200 from the cost of buying each class individually. The first weekly bundle is priced lower because you probably only have one type of computer to setup so there’s no point in paying for all three setup classes. You still get all three setup classes with this bundle.

For even more savings, check out the Essential 42 Full Bundle.


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