Live Classes

From $25

Live classes let you explore specific topics and ask questions. Most of the classes right now are contained in the Essential 42 Live Classes. As those classes are defined, you can expect to see more classes offered here that let you continue your learning.

Essential 42 Live Classes


The Essential 42 Live Classes are designed to work together to give you a broad understanding of C++ programming starting from the absolute beginning.

The structure of the classes are changing to provide you with a better experience. There were 42 separate classes that are now being offered together in one set.

More details will be coming in September as each class session is scheduled.

Game Development Sessions


Instead of a fixed topic, these sessions are more like a workshop. You can join at any time and watch and participate as we work together on a large game project.

The game development sessions let you help build a game. You might be working on collision detection in one session and path finding in another session. A game could take months or years to complete.

If you can’t attend a session for any reason after registering, you can choose an alternate session to attend instead. Just let us know and you can choose another date. You can even let us know after the session in case you forgot or got too busy at the last moment.

Podcast Episodes


You get 292 free podcast episodes to choose from. You can listen here on the website, or download the audio files and copy them to your MP3 player. More episodes will be added later.

Or, you can subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or just about any podcast directory and with just about any podcast player application on your phone or tablet.

There’s something here for everybody. The episodes are short and easy to listen to. Check out the episodes about Design Patterns! There’s one episode for each pattern. And probably a few patterns you might not’ve heard about before.

No Better Way To Learn Coding Guarantee

You have the benefit of our unique guarantee for any ongoing session or live class. If you change your mind and don’t want to attend a session or class, then we’ll refund your registration in full. In the unlikely event, that you’re not happy or you didn’t get what you were expecting, you can also ask for a full refund. Just let us know within 30 days.

If you don’t agree that this is the best way to learn how to code, then just let us know and you’ll get a full and prompt refund.