See For Yourself How To Build A Video Game In This Ongoing Project

There’s no fixed topic and nothing scripted with this class. You get to participate as we work through problems, decide what to do next, and plan and design a text-based role playing adventure game.

You can apply these skills to your own projects and learn techniques that will help you become more effective in a team. That’s because these are not samples that gloss over the details. This project uses code that’s been developed over several years. You can learn how to use the same code or something similar in your own projects.

The main library of code used is the Take Up Code Utility, or TUCUT library for short. This helps jumpstart your projects with several useful components. You’ll learn how to use the following:

  • A testing library that lets you think about how you intend to use your code before you write it and then make sure it does what you expect.
  • A logging library that lets you easily write information to a file as your application runs.
  • Google’s Protocol Buffers to send and receive messages between different parts of your application.
  • A file library to manage reading and writing files.
  • A configuration library that lets you store structured information in a text file.
  • An event publishing and subscribing library that lets you define exactly what information you’ll send whenever something important happens in your application.
  • An extension library is where new things can be added to your app or maybe existing things can be changed.
  • And a curses library lets you write text-based applications and helps hide some of the more difficult aspect of curses.

And you’ll see how to use development tools such as Git and the debugger. Because this is a real development session, there will be times when we’ll get stuck and things don’t work out exactly as expected. You can see how I approach the problems, figure them out, and take steps to prevent similar problems in the future.

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