Looking for more advanced training to help you better understand how to actually build something in C++? Want to go beyond example snippets that don’t really teach you anything? How about being able to ask questions or get feedback on a suggestion?

You can get all these things by attending a live game development session. This is where you get to watch and participate as I work on building a game. This is real code and unscripted.

And now through the middle of January 2019, you can get a free game development session bonus when you sign up to be a patron of Take Up Code. This bonus is normally only for those patrons who choose the $10 per month game development session tier. You can get a free game development session bonus when you sign up to be a patron at any tier, now through the middle of January 2019. Just $1 a month is enough to become a patron.

And for that $1, you also get access to a special podcast just for patrons. There’s already a whole series that you can listen to that will explain databases, how to use them, what they are, the differences between SQL and NoSQL databases, and even my number one suggestion for avoiding security attacks in your data.

What can you learn in a game development session? Well, for one, the project I’m working on is starting to get big. Not as big as what you might find working in a large software company like Microsoft. But definitely big for what one person can create over several years. You can see and learn for yourself how to manage a large project.

But more than that, you get to understand all the work that goes into the project even between commits. I try to commit regularly but even that leaves out all the small things that I try and then change my mind about. This is super important for you to understand because it’s how software actually gets written.

When you read a book or watch a tutorial online, you’re getting an edited account that makes it look like the developer knew exactly how to proceed and just started writing the final code. Sure, sometimes it does work out like that. But not often. And this can leave you feeling lost and confused and maybe even thinking that you’re no good at writing code because your own attempts don’t turn out anything like what you read or watch.

For a specific example, I was recently working on a hashing class. You can create a hash of different lengths. I mean a different number of bits. But the hash algorithm I was implementing only works with a couple fixed sizes. You can listen to the full episode as I describe in about two minutes what actually took me several hours to create.

All you have to do is visit takeupcode.com and click the Patron link at the top to get started. This will take you to a site called Patreon that I use to manage and coordinate patron registration and bonuses. While you’re there, check out some of the other creators that I support. It’s a great way to help creators such as myself and get valuable rewards at the same time for yourself.