Understanding how to use the filesystem will allow you to add common and expected features to your apps.

How many times have you needed to save your work? Maybe you’re writing a document and need to save it so that you can continue working on it later. I don’t know anybody that can write more than a few pages perfectly the first time and then have no need of that document after printing it. Even emailing your work requires it to be saved somewhere. And documents aren’t the only thing that needs to be saved. Maybe you’re playing a game and want to save your progress so you can continue playing later.

Now you could just leave everything as is in memory. Just pause the game or leave the document open. Then come back to it whenever you want.

That works until you lose power. Or until some bug causes the application to crash.

And then there’s the question of size. Modern games are much too big to fit everything into memory at once. Maybe a word processor can fit everything into memory including a full novel that you’re writing. But that’s because even the longest novel is insignificant in size compared to all the data needed by an immersive game world.

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