Follow along as I explain how to program a word guessing game in C++. This episode builds on a free 5-day email course that shows you step-by-step how to design and build WordGuess.

You can get the 5 daily emails by signing up at Each email will explain how the program evolved and give you the exact source code for each step. You’ll get your first email right away and each additional email will arrive a day later.

I mention in the podcast that this is not like a book that breaks down a complete program into smaller pieces and explains how everything works. What I meant is this is not just like a book that breaks down a program into smaller pieces. It’s more than what a book can provide. The email course does explain things in small pieces. But it’s also a journey that we take together. You get to see how a method initially gets written and then how it changes over time.

You can also get the emails by sending a text message with the message:
to the short United States number 44222. You should get a reply right away asking for your email address. If you signup using this method, just help me have some patience because it’s not fully automated and I will need to add your email address manually to my email system so that you can start receiving the course.

The link above that goes to the Take Up Code website is fully automated and you’ll get your first email right after you confirm your subscription.

This email course came directly from one of my live weekend classes where we built this game from scratch in about 3 hours. I hope you get value and I also hope it will encourage you to start programming.