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20: C# Destructors and IDisposable.

C# calls them finalizers and that is strangely appropriate because all you really know about them is that they might eventually be called, finally. This is because C# decided to manage object lifetimes for you so you normally do not need to worry about leaking memory anymore. This is called garbage collection. The problem with […]

19: C++ Destructors. Simply Reliable.

One of the biggest differences between C++ and C# is in how object lifetimes are managed. I was going to have a general topic on destructors just like constructors but there are just too many differences. So today, we are going to look at C++ destructors.

QA Friday 2015-Dec-11

What is the best way to handle errors? Things will not always go the way you expect and you are going to need to plan how to handle errors. Should you use return codes or exceptions? Plus, this episode will help you in other ways. You will be glad you listened.

18: Constructors.

Constructors are your first opportunity to make sure your custom types are well formed. This episode explains the different kinds of constructors and how you should use them.

17: Object-Oriented Programming. The Next Level.

Object-oriented programming, or OOP, is a powerful way of designing software by creating your own types that encapsulate behavior and data. Your types can make use of other types through relationships. When I am teaching programming, I do not start out with this topic right away but I do recommend that you learn it as […]