Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some questions you might have. If you don’t see your question listed here, then please contact us to ask directly.

Yes and no. You will learn the concepts and skills needed to do your homework but we will not do your homework for you.

This question is similar to asking what is the difference between mathematics and addition. Just like addition is just one part of the larger topic of math, so is programming just one part of the larger topic of computer science. At Take Up Code, you learn fundamental computer science skills through game development programming and other activities.

You can subscribe to the free Take Up Code Audio Podcast on iTunes or many other podcast sites.

The Introduction class is always free. You’ll learn how to get started programming, how to setup your computer, and how to create and run your first application. You can also experience for yourself what the other classes are like.

Sometimes there will be other special free classes. These are usually one hour classes about a specific topic. Announcements will be made through the email list. Just add your email to the list to be notified.

Absolutely. Bring whatever you need to feel comfortable and stay alert. The brain uses a lot of energy and we all need to eat.

You will find that we will cover a lot in a 2 hour class so missing even 15 minutes could be substantial. If you purchase one of the full class packages, then you’ll gain access to attend the classes again if you want. This is a great way to save a little on the class tuition and get the option to review the class again in the future.

The class hours vary. Don’t worry, we’re using Acuity Scheduling to provide a full calendar of the exact dates and times of each class. You can visit the Classes page to see a list of all the available classes and selecting one will allow you to then select your date and time.

All times are in eastern time (same as Miami or New York). These are live classes and not recordings, so whatever timezone you’re in, make sure that you’ll be available to attend.

Register for one or more of the classes on the Classes page. If this is your first time, then you should start with the free Introduction class to get setup and ready for programming.

Once you register for a class, you’ll receive a link to join the class through GoToMeeting. You’ll need your computer and a good internet connection to attend the live class from wherever you want. Headphones are a good idea too in order to reduce distractions.

Yes. If you are attending the live classes in-person, then a laptop is best. You really don’t want to carry a thirty pound desktop computer plus monitor to the classroom. Another option is to attend remotely. Remote attendance is still a live class. You just get to attend from wherever you are that has a good internet connection. You can attend from home and use your home computer. Or you can attend from a coffee shop while traveling.

That’s the beauty of classes like Take Up Code provides because you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars upfront only to find out after a few weeks that you never want to look at another line of code again. If this happens, then you have still learned something about yourself and can say that you gave it your best effort.

There is no concept of graduation at Take Up Code beyond just moving from one class to the next. That’s still a major accomplishment and shows that you are making progress.

The focus is all about learning new skills no matter what level. Learning how to program is something that you can work on for the rest of your life and still not learn all there is to know. That applies to everybody. At some point, you will decide that you have enough skills to continue on your own and that is about as close to graduating as possible at Take Up Code.

No. Take Up Code offers no diplomas, certificates, or degrees of any kind. We focus on skills. Plus a diploma really doesn’t make sense for Take Up Code because there is no fixed duration that you can attend. It’s all up to you to continue learning new skills as long as you want.

There are also no tests or grades. There is no concept of passing or failing. If you don’t understand something, just ask.

No. Take Up Code does not require any previous certifications of any kind. If you are ready to learn how to program, then why should you need to study English literature first?

Yes. The only thing required is that you are comfortable using a computer and eager to learn how to program. You will have your first program up and running within the first couple free Introduction classes and after a couple beginner level classes, most coders are able to fix minor problems all on their own. From there, your possibilities are endless.

Classes are going on at various times and this depends on the exact class. Many classes consist of several sessions so you’ll want to make sure to start with the first session of each class. The full schedule is available on the Classes page.

That depends on the class. The general concept though is to keep the classes affordable. Something that you can attend and get awesome value for without needing any student loans or financing. You can either register for individual class sessions or purchase a complete class package. The package will give you the option to attend the sessions again if you want. You can find the complete list on the Classes page.

And don’t forget to subscribe to the Take Up Code podcast on iTunes. This is a free audio podcast you can listen to anytime.