Learn from real code

Real code goes beyond samples. You get to see how everything fits together and the full scope of a project that is ready for customers to use. Most books will teach you one topic at a time and you are left trying to figure out what it all means.

There’s a process involved with writing code. Nobody goes straight from an empty project and just starts writing the code as it will always be written. Very few books show you this process because there is just too much repetition to be printed.

Large projects require many people making many small additions, changes, and deletions and keeping track of all these changes is critical to managing a successful project. It allows a team member to see the entire history of a file and all the changes that have been made to it, when, and by whom.

Even small projects go through an evolution and change. Yet books try to explain the final code as if that was written from the beginning. It doesn’t work that way. You will write some code, get it working and then realize it fits better someplace else. So you move it and make other changes. The process gives you a better understanding of the choices made and why.

Why am I talking about this?

Because with the Take Up Code program you have access to large and small projects that were developed with this process in place. You can experience the exact changes and get a feel for the actual process of software development. You get to learn from real code that went through a real development process. And the large projects are of a similar quality to any commercial software product developed by a big software company.

All of the classes at Take Up Code are hands-on. Bring your laptop and be prepared to write code. The types of projects you will be working on will vary in size and complexity based on your skill level.