Learn at your pace

This goes beyond just being able to choose when and how long to learn how to program because you get the help and guidance for your level of experience and can advance as fast or slow as you want. You might be really good already with one skill while completely new to another.

We’re all different and have different skills and some topics you will find just agree with you better than others. That’s perfectly normal. You can sign up for a specific class that meets your needs. And you can move to another class when you’re ready.

Have you ever met anybody who was an expert in everything? How about completely new to everything. Well, okay, babies are pretty new to everything. But other than newborn babies, we all have special talents because there are things that we enjoy doing more than others. Some people are really good at a lot of things but I’ve never met a software engineer who could do everything. Regardless of your level, you will benefit from multiple classes and projects.

With the Take Up Code program, you’ll get the guidance and coaching to know which topics are critical for you to master at whatever pace you can manage and which topics you can ignore completely until you’re ready.