Ask questions any time

A well written book or video is great but what do you do when you have a question that the author or instructor did not explain? Or maybe it was explained but your situation is different. You can ask anything you want and the instructor will help you until you are satisfied.

You can participate in the questions that others have asked too and may find answers to questions that you didn’t even realize you had yet.

Sometimes when we ask a question and have some time to think about the answer, other questions appear. That’s just how our minds work. We associate things with other things and make connections. When a new connection is made, sometimes it exposes similarities or differences that we did not think about before. This is why having access to a live instructor is so important.

Imagine for a moment that you were enrolled in a pre-recorded video class and let’s pretend that you actually have an email address that you can send questions to. The delays between when you send your questions, get a response, and send follow-up questions can take days. So just to be safe, you try to come up with extra questions based on a limited understanding and the questions don’t really benefit anyone. A better class would have a community forum where you could get answers in more real time but even it’s not guaranteed that somebody will be available.

With the Take Up Code class, you can focus on what you need help with at that moment and start a dialog back and forth until everybody understands. And everybody benefits including the instructor. So go ahead and ask your questions.