This is the final version of the game built in the book "How To Code C++ From A Simple Idea To A Game You'll Understand!" There's a lot of code…

Start from the beginning by getting your computer ready for coding. You can use a desktop or laptop computer running Windows or Linux, or a Mac to learn how to…

This eBook is published directly by Take Up Code to help you learn how to code. There’s only one for now and it’s the culmination of years of in-person classes and decades of experience. Follow along from the very beginning, get your computer ready for coding, learn the fundamental skills as needed, and then jump into a large project to build a text-based game.

All this will work on any computer and operating system. It helps if your computer is a 64-bit computer which almost all have been since about 2010. You’ll want to avoid Chromebooks because they’re more like a tablet than a computer. Speaking of which, you do need a computer. A phone or tablet will not work. Sure, you can read the eBooks on those devices. But you won’t be able to code without a real computer or laptop.

So if you have a Mac, then you can follow along. A PC running Linux? No problem. Windows? Sure.

Don’t let the idea of working on a large project scare you either. We’ll start out with an empty project and slowly build it up. You get to see everything. Even my mistakes! Hey, those are just as valuable to learn from as anything else. This is all in the same style as you’ll find on the Take Up Code podcast. The eBook is concise but covers a lot.

And if you want to see exactly how much code is included in the game, checkout the free download of all the source code of the final version of the game.