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Computer Science Majors: Do you know what’s missing from your training and holding you back?

There’s one thing that you absolutely must be doing and it doesn’t matter what you are studying. You need to be tinkering. You cannot rely on just your professors to teach you programming. You have to learn how to program through multiple activities.

If you’re studying auto mechanics, then you need to be working on your own car during the weekends. If you are studying music, then you need to be playing an instrument as much as possible. And the same thing goes with studying computer science; you need to be programming.

Take Up Code gives you this practical experience through hands-on projects. You learn skills as and when they are needed so you can see for yourself why something is important and how to apply it to a real application.

It’s also fun and engaging. We build games together. You can get started faster than you might think. After just a 2 hour class, you can go from a complete beginner to knowing exactly how to create your own text-based adventure game.

Get started now and see for yourself how much you’ve been missing. Don’t wait until you are in the middle of a job interview to realize that you’ve neglected your practice.

Customer Support and QA Engineers: Do you want to move into software development and realize your dreams?

You can learn skills that will make you a giant among your peers. Gain insight into what the code is really doing so that when a customer calls with a problem, you’re not just walking through a checklist of possible solutions. You understand. That checklist is something you created. But you can go beyond that. You know when something is really a bug and can offer a workaround many times all on your own. And you know how to get that bug fixed because you can explain it to the development team in terms that they can understand.

And you’re also building skills that can easily surpass entry-level software development engineers. Imagine your team’s surprise when you not only report a bug but provide the solution too! And when you start talking about code that you’ve written to automate processes and apps that you’ve created, well, what do you think?

This won’t come overnight. But Take Up Code can show you how to advance not just your career but advance what you think of yourself and your achievements.

Technical Recruiters: Are you looking for a secret advantage over your peers? Something that will resonate with your clients and gain the respect from your candidates?

If you want clients that value your opinion and come back to you again and again for other positions, then they need to know that you really understand their needs and have insight because of your skills and experience. They don’t want someone who can’t even spell the job requirements.

And if you want candidates who respect you enough to recommend you to other candidates because you fit into their world too, then you need skills. You can’t bluff this.

Take Up Code can show you how to develop software and from that you’ll learn what those job requirements really mean and how they are related. You’ll learn how to talk with candidates and give them feedback that helps them apply for the best positions possible. You’ll understand any gaps a candidate might have and be able to offer real guidance to help them.

This helps everybody involved. It’s not hard at all to get started. Many of our students are complete beginners to programming and are able to write running programs after just two hours.

Entrepreneurs: Do you know where to begin writing your app? Do you know how to tell if your consultants are cheating you with poor designs?

You need to focus your efforts on the things that matter most and you don’t have time for costly mistakes. Learning how to program will help you even if you don’t actually intend to become a programmer. How?

You can get things going. This might be a prototype to show to investors. This might be the high level design of your software that you can give to your developers to continue filling in the missing pieces.

When somebody asks you to explain how your solution works, you can speak to it confidently and simply because you get it. You don’t just understand on a basic level. You know all about other alternatives and why they weren’t selected. You know the full potential of your design and can talk about it excitedly without coming across as a fake.

Take Up Code fits into your schedule and can help you master software development skills that will make you a better entrepreneur and a better architect and a better manager. And you have available professional and private classes that can focus on your specific application.

Investors: Do you know how to spot a mess of code and save yourself from endless excuses including your own?

We all hire experts such as when we need medical advice or just want to find out if the house for sale has termites or not. Sometimes it really helps to have a basic understanding of things to be able to make an initial assessment. Even if that assessment is that you need an expert, you will know what you need to do.

Take Up Code will also help you gain skills that will set you apart from other investors and allow you to specialize in software companies. This gives you extra authority and a solid position and a reputation for knowing a good software product when you see one.