If you’re enjoying the Take Up Code podcast or live classes and want even more, then become a patron! I’m using Patreon to manage the system and you can get valuable rewards while helping to support the podcast at the same time.

For just $1 a month, you’ll get access to bonus podcast episodes each month only available to patrons. And you can help support the podcast in a meaningful way. Your dollar goes a long way because it’s carried by your support and our thanks. And you’ll immediately get access to about 5 hours of video screencast lessons.

And the best reward of all is to participate each month in real development sessions where we’ll work on building a game. You can ask questions and get answers on a significant project. This is not a snippet of a code example.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to build a large project, make design decisions, and troubleshoot problems when things don’t go as planned, then this is for you.

For $10 a month you’ll get a free game development session worth $25. Want more development time? For $27 a month you get three game development sessions worth a combined $75. That’s $48 of savings. It’s almost like getting three for the price of one.


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